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Holistic Healing

When you find yourself in the dark, remember that you have been planted not buried. Grow.


Welcome to Planted. My name is

Ana Claudia Naoufal

MA RCC and I am a Holistic, Spiritually Inclined, Clinical Counselor

Sometimes, when you find yourself in the dark you think you have been buried, when actually, you have always been planted and given an opportunity to grow.

I am here to help you find your way out of the dark and guide you back to yourself, to the light, and towards an aligned and authentic life. 
I will walk with you through the journey towards healing, growth, and the freedom that comes with becoming who you were born to be, reintegrating you with the true essence of love, kindness, and a life worth living, which is often found on the other side of the pain.

My work is informed by my education, my own overcoming of personal struggles, compassion, intuition, higher spiritual wisdom, and the wisdom of nature.
My style of therapy attempts to decolonize healing by making a human being out of you and I, bringing the essence of love into the sacred healing space we create together as well as compassion and zero judgment. I meet you where you are and we walk together.
My commitment to my clients is to walk with them through the healing process by not only offering therapy sessions but also being available to them in between. 

To me the therapeutic relationship is not one of educated expert and patient. To me the therapeutic relationship is between a human being who has the education to help but also wisdom that comes through lived experience. 
To me the therapeutic relationship is an agreement two people make to collaborate in finding the path to personal freedom, facing and shedding the darkness they are attached to, sharing openly and vulnerably, and healing the pain that has kept them in struggle. Together we co-create a sacred space where both of us show up as we are, with an open heart, and the willingness to walk through the fire in order to rise as an integrated, healthy, and whole human being that has remembered who they are. 


It would be my honour to walk with you towards your liberation, so that as whole and free individuals we can create together a freer and better world for all living things.  





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•  Mental Health

Anxiety, Depression, Emotional Dysregulation, Substance Use, Stress Management, Anger Management, Conflict Resolution Communication Skills, Self-Identity, Self-Esteem.

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•  Nature Therapy

Heal through your connection to nature, learn about yourself through the wisdom of nature, practice presence, faith, mindfulness, and grounding 

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•  Couple’s Counselling Relationship

Clear and honest communication, mediation, mutual understanding, healing what has ruptured, restoring trust, returning to love, kind and ethical separation. 

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•  Courses, Workshops y Retreats

Coming soon...

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•  Healing

Inner child work, shadow work, mindfulness, nature therapy, spiritual principles Gestalt work. 

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•  Individuals ages 18+

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My focus

My focus  is to

help clients

Learn to trust and rely on your inner wisdom.

Find meaning and purpose by living authentically.

Heal your childhood wounds so you can become your highest self.

Heal relationships and break toxic relationship patterns.

Find your voice, and Learn communication skills and ways to express your truth.

Heal your relationship to your intuition.

Find connection and healing through nature and spritiual principles.

Shed that which no longer serves you and make space to live a meaningful life.

Integrate fractured aspects of yourself and become an aligned and empowered self.

Discover who you really are.

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I have tried to find someone like Ana for a long time. She is someone who really listens and sees you. I go in open-minded but I am still surprised by how much more empowered I feel walking out of our sessions. She is an honest mirror to myself and my life and has helped bring me an enormous amount of clarity in just a short time. After every session I leave feeling like I’m back on track and inspired to keep going. I’m grateful to have found someone this much innate insight and wisdom.

Ciela Estrada

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